Sitemap - 2022 - The Ladybird Purse • Opening up about money

“My main relationship with money is one of gratitude.”

"The risks of doing nothing are actually greater than the risks of doing something."

"If I hadn't posted that first seven-second video [to TikTok], I'd be working in recruitment now."

"I have a deep-rooted fear of being poor again or making a mistake with money."

“Nobody has a perfect relationship with money.”

"You don't regret your extravagances, just your compromises."

One year of The Ladybird Purse!

"I'm having to learn for the first time how to budget and deal with benefits and bills."

"Relinquishing total control of my financial needs to someone else was never going to happen."

"No one wants to admit they don't know what they're doing."

"I began to reframe the idea that money could be something that can change the world for the better."

"I remember the absolute dread of running out of money... I live in fear of going back to that."

"I would like publishers to understand how money worries affect both creativity and productivity for authors."

"I had to let go of the romance of being ‘chosen'"

"We’re in a place where writing a book is becoming dangerously close to being a luxury only the privileged few can afford.”

“As a woman in her forties, asking for money feels like arrogance or bad manners.”

"When I learned that most authors have to get another job that pays, it was a huge disappointment."

"I've been a crime reporter covering homicide in the murder capital of America and that was a cakewalk compared to being a mid-list fiction author in 2022."

"Covid/lockdown meant we had time and impetus to have a look at what we were spending and earning, what we wanted to do with our money and with the rest of our lives."

“Publishing makes you feel as if you’re very lucky to be paid at all, and guilty about every book that underperforms.”

"Getting the letter saying that I had been successful in applying for my first Arts Council Grant is one of my favourite memories."

"No matter how prudent I am, I also retain that sheer blind optimism that somehow some pot of money will miraculously appear."

"I genuinely think there’s a slight residual sense that [women] should be grateful we’re earning anything at all."

"I still carry enormous guilt about failing my editors, failing my publishers, just failing. It’s hard to write when you have all these money and time regrets!"

"The further I get in my writing career the more it seems like the people who keep getting published are simply the ones who can continue writing as the debris of their self-esteem spins around them."

"Money is power, and we are not supposed to have our own power."

"My grandparents had a giant Bells whisky bottle full of coppers that I used to count for hours, so my earliest memory is money as a plaything."

"Sometimes you might have to walk away before they realise just how valuable you are."

"I’ve never seen a bloke slated for buying a Rolex, but woe betide a woman who boasts about splurging her bonus on Louboutins."

"When one of my books went to auction, I went to London to meet the interested editors, but I was so skint that I had to borrow the travel and food money."

"Never give up your day job until your advance is three times your salary."

Oh look, another spreadsheet

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It finally got me...

The final countdown

How much do you need to live on?

Keris in Paris (pronounced Keree in Paree, apparentlee)

Talking to myself...

Only in my dreams...

I’ll be there for me

My money don't jiggle jiggle*

Money is fake, Harry Styles is forever

Do you trust yourself with money?

New home, same old me

What I've been reading

The one with half a spoon

Paying myself first

Right, ok, fine, I’ll track my spending

Jet-black Benz, plenty of friends, and all the Philly steaks you can eat*

Show me the money*

Practical/magical money thinking

Read books, get rich

Earning money, losing money, loving money

If I could turn back time...

Too much month at the end of my money

Something's coming...

Let's take it right back... and then forwards a bit

"You will not be able to purchase your way into a new life or identity."