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"My relationship with money is currently dreamy."

"I don't actually believe that we can 'charge our worth'."

How generous are you?

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"Yes, I can make money, but it’s the keeping it bit that scares me at times."

Ladybird recommends...

"That’s the thing about being rescued – you never build the muscle required to rescue yourself."

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Two Years of The Ladybird Purse

Making Cents Of Money: Financial Literacy For Kids

Can't get your head around investing?

"Every time I laugh, unexpected money shows up in my bank account."

"If I carry on self sabotaging my financial progress, what will my life look like in 10 years time?"

"They say don’t make any big financial decisions after a life-changing loss..."

"I feel like writing this means a cartoon style anvil will fall on my head."

Do you have healthy money habits?

“Sometimes it’s not the number, but what it means to you.“

“Help me!”


Would you tell me what you earn?

Talking to my kids about money

How do you talk to your kids about money?

If you're not making enough money, what could you do differently?

“I invest as much as I possibly can in my retirement funds every year, because I intend to actually retire.”

What would you ask women about money?

"There were many times when my children asked if we were having a hot dinner and I’d tell them 'yes, toast'."

"It's lifted the ever-present worry of where the next bit of money is going to come from."

"What's stopping you asking to get paid more?"

Congratulations, it's a goldmine!

Do you have money worries or money problems?

"In order to buy the boat, we had to use everything we had, so there is no cushion if we have an emergency."

"When you love what you do it is not the end of the world to not quite retire."

"I want to give people hope!"

“Money is not as important as everyone makes it seem.”

How do you feel about tough money love?

How comfortable are you with accepting money?

"Sometimes the big thing that seems frivolous is the exact thing that’s worth the price."

“Eight weeks later, I got a new book deal for half a million pounds.”

“As a Millennial, I figure I won't get to retire anyway.”

Stop the ride I want to get off!

In which all my money buttons are pummelled

“At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be this hard to earn a basic wage.”

If you had your last bit of money, how would you use it?

A conversation about under-earning

Death and grief and money

What's your biggest financial concern right now?

The one where I'm accused of being a petty swindler*

I deserve a little treat...

36 hours in Paris...

"I'm moving into a retirement flat even though I'm not retired."

On not saying f*ck it

Answering your questions: What is a rich life?

"Men have dominated money forever, and to some degree, still do."

Life is like a box of chocolates...

It's me. Hi.

Answering your questions: On calling myself a writer and valuing my work (or not)

"How can we learn and grow if we stay silent about money?"

Since everyone's talking about the coronation...

Free yourself from the tyranny of a purse!

Answering your questions: Why are you scared of success?

"Whenever we have needed money, a miracle seems to have happened."

Answering your questions: My favourite book character

"Women talk about consumption not compensation."

Got questions?

Bowling with the bumpers up

"When I had a hiking accident and thought my time was up, I remember thinking: At least I didn’t bother saving for my retirement."

Who wouldn't want a pay pal?

A little bit Alexis

“ I might have reached my work potential but I never reached my full earning potential.”

I should be so lucky

What would make you pay for this Substack?

All about abundance

Paying tax, feeling relaxed, and investing in my life

In which I have a revelation (or two)

Let me tell you about my hag whisker

"Money? I don't know her."

New Year, no money